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Transportation SEO Keywords: Yes, You Do Need Them

If you’re in logistics and transportation, “being all over the place” indicates that you’re doing great! After all, hauling freight up and down the country or even around the world generates greater customer appeal, as well as, increased revenue.


However, the opposite is true if we’re talking about search engine rankings! Generating desirable search engine results requires you to stay in one place–on top. And occupying the top position is only possible with search engine optimization (SEO) keywords.


What are SEO Keywords?


SEO keywords are the phrases and terms used on your website that match words or phrases your audience might type into search engines when looking for transportation solutions. SEO is the first and most necessary step in making sure your website continues to rank top in search engine results.


Traditional advertising techniques like cold calling and/or advertisements focus on the now, while search engine optimization focuses on the long-term. That’s why SEO keywords improve your search engine rankings over time, providing you with permanent and long-lasting success.


How do SEO Keywords work in Transportation?


Search engines consider several factors when ranking websites. These factors include the relevance of your website’s content in regards to search terms, the number of external sites linking to your website, and the targeted keyword and performance of your social media channels.


Your main keywords are typically your services, products, and/or solutions you offer. A third party logistics (3PL) provider might, for instance, create a detailed list of keywords that cover fulfillment, packaging, warehousing, and much more.


If you’re not sure how to come up with relevant words, ask yourself these questions:


What terms do our customers use when asking about products and services?


How do we define our products and services?


What search phrases do we want to show up for?


Here Are the TOP 20 Transportation SEO Terms


  1. Transportation
  2. Logistics
  3. Trucking
  4. Trucking company
  5. Freight broker
  6. Freight brokerage
  7. 3pl
  8. 3rd party logistics
  9. Logistics company
  10. Shipping providers
  11. Truckload brokerage
  12. Intermodal
  13. Transportation management system
  14. TMS companies
  15. Load Tracking
  16. ELD
  17. Electronic logging device
  18. Load tracking software
  19. EDI
  20. Blockchain trucking


There’s No One-Size-Fits-All Solution

Logistics and transportation companies offer a variety of services. You’re not all the same! Keywords are vital in making clear the distinction between you and your competitors.


If you want to rank favorably, you must include your chosen phrases and keywords on your web pages and in your headers and titles. Furthermore, you need a menu of services that links to a separate for each service.


At this very moment, more than 1.2 million freight companies are operating in the US alone. And every single day, billions of people rely on Google and other search engines to find them. You want those potential customers to find you!


If you’d like to talk more about search engine optimization, and how the right transportation keywords could propel you to the top of the list, give us a call.  We’d love to chat!