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3 Well-Known Celebrities who started in Logistics and Transportation

Before rising to fame, celebrities were just like everyday people. They shined shoes, washed dishes, worked in administration, took to the road to transport freight and much more. These 3 celebrities got their start by working in the logistics and transportation industry.

  1. Sean Connery

To many people, actor Sean Connery is popularly known as James Bond. It doesn’t really come as a surprise that Connery once worked as a truck driver because his father was a passionate and dedicated truck driver too. When Connery was young, he was dismissed from Scotland’s Royal Navy because of medical issues and went on to hold a number of jobs including truck driving just like his father. Only after exiting the trucking industry, Connery starred in the first 5 Bond movies and went on to win an Academy award for the Best Supporting Actor in the Untouchables. If you want to witness his truck driving skills, just check out Hell drivers.

  1. Charles Bukowski

This famous American writer worked in the logistics and transportation industry before making it big in life. Bukowski was born on 16 August 1920 in Andernach, Germany and died on 9 March 1994. After abandoning his writing career, he took up a logistics job as a loader, trucker and taxi driver. To continue writing and supporting himself Bukowski also worked as a stock boy, post office clerk, dishwasher, and elevator operator. Regardless of the number of times, Bukowski gave up on writing he often came back stronger and more focused. Before dying at the age of 73, Bukowski had written more than 1,400 poems and manuscripts.

  1. James Cameron

    Photo via Newscom

Who would have guessed that the man behind popular movies like Avatar, Titanic, Rambo, the Terminator and much more would have worked in the logistics and transportation industry? While utilizing his time driving tractor trailers, Cameron began writing movie scripts as a side job. His inspiration to write movie scripts came from watching “Star Wars.” Before making it to Hollywood, Cameron used to spend his days off the road working on screenplays. When asked about his trucking career, Cameron said, “Star Wars really energized me to resign from the truck driving job and to venture into filmmaking.” Evidently, driving gave this famous Canadian director, filmmaker, screenwriter, deep Sea Explorer, engineer, inventor, and director the opportunity to discover his real passion.

Truck driving continues to provide a start in all sorts of careers, and who knows – you may just end up with your name on the Hollywood Walk of Fame too!