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Top 5 Skills Needed For Professional Driver Recruitment

Despite the national unemployment rate of only 7 percent, the trucking industry still faces a major shortage of qualified truck drivers. The current shortage also means that the recruitment market is highly competitive. Today, we are sharing skills needed for professional driver recruitment.


Recruiting the right truck driver requires you to stay flexible and to adapt to changing situations with ease. Sometimes the recruitment process might take longer than you expect because of factors that are beyond your control. Remaining open-minded and calm during the recruiting process will ultimately assist you to retain the interest of the right candidates. Remember that you may need to be flexible with your regular office hours to respond to an email or send a Facebook message to a promising candidate.

Keeping Priorities Right

During the first quarter of the year, most recruiters are usually juggling between reviewing driver applications, taking on heavy workloads to grow their networks and seeking top-notch drivers, wherever they may be found. Finding time to do all these things at once can be quite overwhelming so instead of struggling to keep up with everything, try managing your workloads according to the level of urgency. In the end, you will be more effective in recruiting professional drivers without putting a lot of stress on yourself.

Remaining Organized

If you are managing a lot of projects at once while trying to recruit drivers, things can begin to pile up. Take the time to organize your to-do lists, emails, calendars, folders, and much more. The more organized you are, the easier it will be to recruit professional drivers, who will fulfill the objectives of your logistics company.

Relationship Building

Building the right relationships is an essential skill for professional driver recruitment. Every time you talk to a prospective truck drive, take the time to understand their core values and passion The right driver should also exhibit: alertness, responsibility, knowledge of basic truck mechanics, timeliness, truck maintenance skills, stress management skills, the ability to work independently, physical stamina, and much more. Remember to find out what motivates your candidates, whether they have family back at home and what their expectations are of you, as a company. In the long run, this will help you build better relationships between you and your new drivers.

Confidence During Recruitment

The more proactive and confident you are during the recruitment process, the higher the probability of putting professional truck drivers behind the wheel. As a recruiter, you should be naturally inquisitive in order to ask your applicants the right questions.

As the trucking industry struggles to find adequate qualified drivers, recruiters are faced with the huge challenge of distinguishing the right candidates from those without the fundamental skills. To effectively recruit professional drivers who meet the goals of your logistics company, ensure you keep these tips in mind.