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How to Use Twitter to Engage with Shippers

For some Freight Brokers, Twitter may feel like an off-the-wall platform designed for millennials to hang out and share their thoughts in 140 characters. However, with hundreds of millions of users and more than one billion tweets being sent daily, no logistics business can afford to dismiss the potential of Twitter. If your logistics company still isn’t using Twitter to find freight or improve communication, you are missing out!

Use it as a Communication Tool

To find freight and maximize your shipping services you must start thinking of Twitter as a two-way communication tool between you and shippers. Remember that Twitter can be just as important as your laptop or mobile phone. Ensure that you are using Twitter to reach out to your audience as frequently as possible by tweeting when you are heading to a shipping destination or when you are in town, or when you are going to pick up another shipment. You will be surprised at the number of shipping leads you might get by just tweeting!

Post Daily Updates

The days of finding freight in newspapers are long gone. Using tools like Buffer, can help you schedule daily Twitter updates about your freight transportation company. You can also post links to relevant articles in the trucking industry or any other essential information you would like to share with your customers. Furthermore, you can post your whereabouts, travel needs, and travel routes daily. Sharing gives shippers an opportunity to get a glimpse of what they are getting when they hire you, as their freight transporter.

Send Shout Outs

Everyone needs a pat on their Twitter backs once in a while. If you are looking to enhance your engagement with shippers, praise them once in a while through a tweet, a retweet, or even a hashtag. You will be amazed by how your good acts will be noticed in the form of shares, likes, retweets, replies, referrals, and ultimately, repeat business.

Advertise Your Logistics Company

Make sure you leverage Twitter to advertise your freight transportation services. Do not hesitate to promote your brand through Twitter for business. You can also retweet satisfactory review-tweets or testimonials from your current shipping clients. What’s more? You can send campaign tweets to advertise a major event you would like to promote.

Build Relationships

Get to know your potential shippers before connecting with them for a shipment. When you are followed, ensure you follow back. Additionally, respond to engagements. Retweet and like other people’s tweets. If your logistics company made a mistake, address it instantly through a tweet and apologize for the inconvenience. If your followers tout you, respond! Always thank your clients for reaching out and let them know that you value their loyalty and commitment.

Before buyers reach out to a company, approximately 57 percent of their decision-making process begins online. Twitter can significantly influence the growth strategy of your logistics company. Besides being a great strategy to build customer trust and loyalty, Twitter is also an incredible way to communicate your objectives to your existing and potential shippers. As the percentage of smartphone users continues to grow among truckers, it is essential to tap into the power of Twitter to engage with shippers for increased profitability.