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Is Using LinkedIn to Recruit Professional Truck Drivers Realistic?

As the logistics industry continues to face a huge shortage of truck drivers, a majority of logistics companies are beginning to adopt more tech-oriented techniques to attract as many professional truck drivers as possible. If you are looking for effective ways to recruit qualified truck drivers to your company, then LinkedIn may just be the perfect tech-focused recruitment strategy for your company.

LinkedIn has a variety of tools that make it ideal for recruiting professional truck drivers. But, here is an important disclaimer: it only works with younger, or at least tech knowledgeable possible recruits. You won’t have much success with LinkedIn if you’re trying to recruit older, veteran truck drivers.

Here are some of the top strengths of LinkedIn.

 The LinkedIn Recruiter Mobile Application

The LinkedIn recruiter mobile app comes with amazing features that help employers to interact with potential employees on the go. Regardless of how busy or where we are, almost all of us have our mobile phones with us. This is even truer for truck drivers, because their job is often keeping them on the road for days. Out of the 33 percent of LinkedIn mobile users, more than 30 percent use LinkedIn to search for jobs because of its convenience and mobile-friendly nature.

With the recruiter app, potential candidates can use LinkedIn on their mobile devices to discover, search, and even apply for the truck driving jobs from any location and at any time. When it comes to searching, LinkedIn makes it easy for users to search for a variety of topics from the LinkedIn database, including location, job title, education, profession, and much more. Apart from making it easy for prospects to apply for positions instantly without having to update their resumes, this app also makes it easy for recruiters to post and distribute current employment openings to their prospects.

The Number of Users Continues to Grow

As we speak, LinkedIn has approximately 238 million users. Because of its many uses and professional focus, it has become a culture for almost every new graduate to create a profile on LinkedIn. As this trend continues, the number of LinkedIn users is projected to increase exponentially and with more users continuing to sign up daily, finding the right truck drivers for your logistics company becomes easier. In time, the percentage of LinkedIn users among truck drivers in the USA will rise, making LinkedIn more influential in finding recruits and making truck driver job market more dynamic.

LinkedIn Profiles Are Accurate and Easily Comparable

According to research, LinkedIn profiles can be more accurate compared to resumes.  Furthermore, every LinkedIn profile is connected with network of other users, which can help to evaluate the level of professionalism or to check up on new recruits. Additionally, the profiles are uniform and consistent, hence easy to compare. This accuracy and ease of comparison make it easy for recruiters to carry out intensive side by side comparisons for the right prospects.

Facilitates Introductions

LinkedIn comes with an “Introduction” feature that permits candidates to introduce a recruiter to one of their contacts or to another colleague. This feature makes it easy for your current employees to refer their experienced truck driver connections to apply for any open jobs in your logistics company.

Provides Recommendations

If you require any additional information on any candidate, LinkedIn comes with a “recommendation” feature. Even though this feature is subjective, it can offer extra insights about an individual and what other people have experienced while working with them. This makes it easier for recruiters to verify essential data about prospects before hiring them.

When it comes to recruiting professional truck drivers, LinkedIn still stands alone at the top. Besides being designed for recruiters, job seekers, professionals, and businesses, LinkedIn also allows people to build a professional network without geographical or time restrictions. Even though it cannot be used for the actual selection, LinkedIn remains very realistic and useful for building the professional image of your logistics company in order to attract the right truck drivers.