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Which social media channels should your logistics company be using?

The growing popularity of social media channels has transformed the way businesses interact with their clients. Apart from bridging the gap between businesses and their customers, social media networks have also allowed real-time communication. Unfortunately, the logistics sector has been slow in adopting these strategies and technologies.

“According to a study conducted by Adelante SCM, about 70% of freight transportation professionals surveyed confessed that their logistics companies have not yet fully adopted the use of social media channels as a solution to predict customer needs. “

Are you wondering which social channels your logistics company should be using? We share which platforms are essential to the success of your social media strategy.


Twitter is a micro-blogging social media platform that allows users to post short texts/ links with approximately 140 characters. Your customers must follow you on Twitter to receive your updates. As we speak, Twitter is among the leading social media channels for logistics companies to send and receive real-time information from their clients. Besides encouraging engagement between businesses and their clients, Twitter is also an amazing channel to gather useful information on unforeseen freight transportation issues including road closures, accidents, and much more.


LinkedIn is the most popular social media channel among business professionals. Besides promoting your logistics company, LinkedIn also helps to build the company’s brand. If you love writing long motivational and inspirational pieces about your products and services, then LinkedIn is for you. Apart from giving companies and individuals an opportunity to connect with like-minded professionals, LinkedIn also encourages group interactions. What’s more? You can also use LinkedIn to recruit new employees, business partners, customers, and much more.


If you find it easy to create videos for demonstrating your company’s products and services, then YouTube is the ideal social channel for your logistics company. You can use YouTube to post employee training videos, your logistics company’s service information, company presentations or any video clip your company wishes to share with its clients. If ordering your service includes some specialized software (like TMS or yard management software for example) you can use YouTube to show your clients how to use it efficiently.


Just like LinkedIn, Facebook allows you to create and update your logistics company’s page or profile with information about your services. You can use Facebook to easily update your transportation schedule, gain information about the latest business trends and insights, search and collect creative ideas to improve your company’s offers, gain or share data for risk identification and management, and much more.

Whatsapp and Viber

Using dedicated groups on smartphone applications like Viber and Whatsapp can enhance your business’ relationship with clients and business partners. Through these social channels, you can get feedback and reviews about your freight transportation services and even respond to customer comments instantly.

The link between the logistics sector and social media is that both rely on mobile technology to function. Before deciding which social channel to use for promoting your logistics company, it is important to understand the social media platforms where your customers and competitors are active. After coming up with your social media network of choice, it is time to create high-quality content that not only inspires your audience but also connects them to your brand.