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Using Twitter at a Conference

In case you missed it, we recently attended TIA Conference and were live tweeting the event to share coverage of the sessions we attended. Our team was surprised to find that a lot of industry leads didn’t quite know how to take advantage of using Twitter as a marketing platform, especially during a conference. So, we thought that we’d share some tips that we have learned along the way and how you can use Twitter effectively while attending conferences.

What you need to know about Twitter

It’s important to understand that unlike other social media platforms, it is considered okay to be conversational when using Twitter. The reasoning is that you have a character limit so it’s acceptable to skip the formalities and replace it with a casual and straight-to-the-point tweet.

Due to the nature of Twitter, a tweet only has a lifespan of about 18 minutes because unlike any other social media platform, it does not rely on algorithms to show your tweets to your audience. Platforms like Facebook and Instagram rely on your audience engaging with your content, which will then alter the algorithms to show your content to those who actually engage with it and depending on its relevance and popularity, the platform will continue to push that content to a greater audience. However, Twitter works in real-time so while it is easier to have a greater reach, you also have to remain consistent in your tweeting, bearing in mind that your followers also follow other people and their timelines can very quickly become crowded, so your tweet quickly loses the chance of being seen.

Use the conference hashtag

Most conferences have a designated hashtag that you can use while attending the conference, so keep an eye out on their marketing material, the conference app, or any screens at the conference for the hashtag that they recommend using. The advantage of doing this is that even people who aren’t following you will be able to search for tweets that include the hashtag and with consistent tweeting, you are likely to show up regularly, encouraging them to follow and connect with your tweets.

Some conferences have a live stream of the tweets that include the hashtag, which serves as an excellent marketing opportunity. Remember to remain consistent and professional with your tweeting, so that when you do show up on these live streams, you are taken seriously and likely to gain followers who share your interests.

Credit the speakers

Remember that when attending sessions, to credit quotes of the speaker to give them recognition and express your understanding of the topic. Usually, a speaker will start the session by providing their Twitter handle (check the marketing material provided). However, if it isn’t provided you may find it easily by doing a quick Google search for their name and the word “Twitter.”

Don’t be afraid to add your own point of view or understanding when sharing quotes from the sessions, as this opens the conversation and allows for followers of the conference to engage and connect with your tweets. As an example, at #TIA2017Con we attended a social media session and while we may not have been the speaker, we did use the session to share how logistics and transportation companies can use social media to boost and drive sales. This lead to more people reaching out to us, to find out how we are making this possible.

Follow and connect with others

As much as you can use the social media platform to gain followers, you should also use it as an opportunity to network and connect with others within your industry. We recommend doing research ahead of the conference and to start by following some of the speakers and people who you’d like to connect with. We have even used Twitter to set up meetings by following the conference hashtag, seeing who else was attending and tweeting them to see if they had a few minutes to grab a coffee. Never underestimate the value of a face to face meeting, so utilize the social media platform to meet others who may be interested in hearing more about your company.

Have you recently attended a conference? What tips do you have to utilize Twitter more effectively at conferences and do you think it’s a great opportunity to market your company? We’d love to hear more from you and remember, if you’re ever looking for help on managing your social media strategy, chat to the AMT Squirrel Works specialists!