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How the transportation industry is using social media

Social media can seem like a bit of a trend and without fully understanding how useful it can be, it is easy to overlook its importance, especially in the transportation and logistics industry. More and more businesses are seeing the value in having a social media presence, and have started to invest money and resources into developing their online strategy, but how can social media help improve the transportation industry?

It connects you with your customer

Surveys show that customers are more likely to choose to partner with a business that has an active Facebook page than those who don’t. Customers feel that social media helps them have a direct link to the business, and like that they can refer back to your page for testimonials and reviews from people who have used your services before.

By using your social media pages to promote your business’ approach, you have the ability to reassure the customer that they are your priority. Remember that although your social media pages should be managed professionally, it doesn’t hurt to add some humor to encourage a connection with your audience, and remind them that after all, you are human too.

Promote driver recruitment

The decrease of professional truck drivers has encouraged businesses to get more creative with their recruitment efforts. This has resulted in more logistics companies using online application forms and social media to promote job openings and boost truck driver recruitment. Thankfully, social media gives you the ability to reach a wider audience based on their interests and locations, whereas previously, placing an advertisement in your local newspaper would only be seen by those who read the paper and are actively looking for a job.

Highlight community involvement

Customers like to see how a business is building or adding value to their community, as they feel that by choosing to do business with you, they are also investing back into their community. A smart way of highlighting your efforts within in the community, is by using your social media platforms to promote community events that you will be attending, or organizing.

Show support to drivers and their families

Some of the reasons that driver recruitment is at an all-time low is due to the long hours, pressure on family life, health concerns and not being paid enough. It’s important to show that your company understands these challenges and promotes how you approach them differently to other companies in the industry. A good way to do this is by offering a support page where drivers and their families can connect with others, to show support, and comfort one another through the challenges. By doing this, you can also gain a better understanding of how you can improve your own approaches to making your company more driver-friendly, and find ways to make it easier for them and their families.

How are you using social media within the transportation industry, we’d love to know what you find works best for your company?