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Recruit truck drivers through blogging

We’ve recently highlighted how digital marketing is transforming the way that we recruit professional truck drivers, which is especially useful with the professional truck driver shortage that our industry is facing. From social media platforms, like Facebook, to online digital forms that allow for 24/7 recruitment, it is clear that the way we recruit new drivers is quickly changing.

We always encourage our customers to introduce a blog to their company’s website as it offers several benefits that range from helping you rank higher on Google, to boosting sales and it can even help establish a personal relationship with your customer, but can blogging help recruit drivers?

Blogging attracts readers

There is a lot of information available on the internet, so without a clear idea of who you are writing for, you can very easily lose sight of the main goal. Ultimately, you want to attract the eyes of truck drivers, so write content that they would be interested in reading and would find helpful. Your blog topics can range from apps that they may find useful, stories of what life is like out on the road, tips for staying safe and the best truck stops.

Remember that your blog posts don’t have to be long either. Keeping in mind that you are writing to attract drivers, you should always consider your tone, length and relevancy before posting. More often than not, if you see an overwhelmingly long blog post, you will skim through and see whether it is worth reading or not – drivers don’t have much time, and will be checking your blog between stops, so be sure to offer quick, engaging and light content that will prove to be valuable to them.

Blogging improves your SEO

Remember that every piece of content that you publish, contributes to the way that you rank on Google and other search engines. By providing content that is targeted at truck drivers, Google will find consistency in your keywords and will rank you higher which results in more traffic from your targeted audience. This is why it is important to always keep in mind what you would like for people to search on Google to lead to your blog, as this helps you establish a focus when writing content.

Blogging is a form of marketing

Blogging allows you to remind your customer and potential drivers of your company’s mission and ethics. It’s also a clever way to share how you treat drivers, what your company does differently and the vision you have for the future of truck drivers. As mentioned before, blogging helps improve your SEO significantly which increases web traffic, resulting in more leads, but when used correctly, blogging can also have readers saying, “I want to work for this company!”

Remember that by writing content that is useful to truck drivers, they are more inclined to visit your website often and that by promoting your company’s approach to truck drivers, they are more likely to apply to work for your company so, it’s always smart to include an online application on your company’s website to constantly recruit potential drivers.

Blogging gives you credibility

Blogging is a great marketing tool that can help keep your readers informed of the newest trends and innovations in the industry, while promoting your own company too, and by being a consistent, you have the ability to establish yourself as the chosen and trusted source for the latest information. With time, you’ll be known as an expert within the industry which will continue to attract more readers (aka potential drivers) to your blog!

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