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Tips for writing a job listing to boost Driver Recruitment

We recently shared how using Facebook can help boost driver recruitment, but also emphasized that while understanding the different methods available is great, the success of recruiting new professional truck drivers also relies on your job listing and how well you describe the job.

As with all advertisements, it is key to accurately describe the job, who the ideal candidate is, and what they can expect from working for your company. It isn’t always necessary to mention the salary expectation, as this is often discussed in a face-to-face meeting, but you can indicate your payment terms. Most importantly, you need to be clear with instructions of how the applicant can get in touch and submit their application, what you require from them and when they can expect to hear back from you.

Write to grab their attention

Remember that more than half of Facebook’s sharing happens across mobile devices, so when you compile your advertisement, write to grab the attention of people who are skimming through their timeline, while at a truck stop or grabbing lunch. Don’t worry too much about the length of your post, but focus more on the first 4 words that you use, as these are likely to catch their eye.

Use a high-quality image of your team

Facebook posts with images have twice the engagement of posts that don’t feature an image, so try using an image of your existing team having a good time. This will also personalize the advertisement and give the applicant the impression that you are focused on creating a good working environment for your staff, valuing their happiness and promoting teamwork.

What’s stopping more people from becoming a professional truck driver

There are several factors that are contributing to fewer people choosing to become a professional truck driver. While more skilled and experienced drivers are retiring, and very few millennials are being encouraged to pursue the industry, there are other factors to consider like the long hours, time away from family, low pay, lifestyle challenges, and how other companies may be treating their drivers, and their families.

Use these challenges commonly experienced by truck drivers as a way to promote your company and how you approach it differently, by including positive phrases like, “We think of our drivers like family, and want you to feel appreciated and valued!” or, “Looking for a new family to drive for? You have found us! We value our drivers by giving you time off throughout the year to spend with family, and by paying well, on time – every time!”

We are working on improving and boosting driver recruitment and would love to know what do you find is your biggest struggle when trying to find new drivers. We can help! Get in touch and we can show you how.