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Use Facebook to Boost Driver Recruitment

It is no secret that the United States is expected to experience a significant shortage of professional truck drivers and chances are that you’re already seeing the damaging effects of it. With more drivers retiring and few millennials being encouraged to pursue truck driving as a career, it is time to start exploring ways to recruit new and reliable truck drivers.

Driver recruitment can end up costing you a lot of time, money and resources, so it is important to consider who your ideal applicant is, and where you can find them. KJ Media, a driver recruitment marketing company, conducted a recent study and found that over 95% of professional truck drivers have smartphones. Look around you, what are people using their phones for? From social media, emails and calls, you have the ability to connect and network in real-time, so more companies are seeing digital recruitment as the future of human resources.

Now, consider that more than a third of Facebook users log in through their phones – that’s 399 MILLION people who are using their smartphones to access the social media platform, and with over 1 billion active users, Facebook gives you a pretty big pool of potential applicants to choose from.

But do you know how to use Facebook to boost driver recruitment?

Facebook Groups

There is a Facebook group for everything, right?  Most local communities have a dedicated Facebook group for local job postings, for applicants to respond to. While this is more in line with the traditional process of finding truck drivers, there are a number of advantages to advertising this way, which include:

Location specific: These groups are usually tailored to a specific state or city.  Hiring drivers who already live close to your terminal is a win win for everyone.

The right audience: People who are part of the group are either advertising a job or are looking for a new one.

High engagement means more people will see your ad: Facebook has changed its algorithms so that the more people who engage, by commenting or viewing the listing, the more Facebook will highlight and promote your listing. This means that you should take special care in choosing the right words to describe the job’s requirements, benefits and don’t forget to include all the information needed to apply, with a link to the online driver’s application form.

Facebook Business Pages

You can also use your company’s Facebook page, as a more direct way to promote that you’re looking for new professional truck drivers. This approach is especially helpful when you have an active Facebook page that promotes your company, its mission and ethics. Your community will already have an interest in the transportation and logistics industry, so they will be more inclined to share your ad with friends and family.

Cover Image

Create a powerful “cover image” for your company’s Facebook page that uses a high-quality image, and eye-catching words to promote that you’re looking for new drivers. This will prompt anyone who may be interested to click on the image for more info, so be sure to use the space to describe the job’s requirements, benefits and don’t forget to include all the information needed to apply, with a link to the online driver’s application form.

TIP: Use a fun image of your team that promotes your company as being family orientated and valuing its staff.  Drivers want to work for a company that cares about them.

Create a Facebook Ad

Facebook also allows you to create a paid campaign which means that you can use this tool to target your ideal applicant by describing their demographics and interests. Facebook ads do cost money, but instead of throwing a dart and hoping to hit the bullseye, you have more control over who you target through paid promotion.

Create a Jobs Tab

Facebook also gives companies the option to create a separate “jobs” tab on the main business page. This is helpful to those who are actively looking for a new job and come across your Facebook page. You also have the option to link the tab to your online driver’s application form, which means that you can have all the required info in one convenient place.

Have you tried using Facebook to boost driver recruitment? Which approach did you find worked for you?