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3 reasons why every transportation company needs a blog

If you have received one of our free website audits (which you can do, by subscribing to our newsletter, below) you may have noticed that we always mention it is important for your business to have a blog.  Through our experience with working with transportation companies we are finding there is a common misconception that only extremely interesting people can blog or that it is a huge time commitment.  Often by the end of our conversations, the customer has a better understanding of how maintaining an active blog can impact the success of your company and actually improve sales.

1. Get website traffic!

You took the plunge and launched a website but now, you are left wondering, how to get traffic to your newly developed website. While there are several options that include sending an email blast to a list of prospective customers, or strategically placing paid advertisements all over the internet, these measures can become quite costly and may end up hurting your business before it even takes off.

An affordable and straight forward way of getting more traffic to your website is by using social media, blogging and optimizing your website for search engines to find you.

Consider that there are a bunch of other logistics companies on the internet, and most of these companies, don’t update their websites all that often. You simply don’t have the resources to update your services or about us page every week, but by actively blogging, you are constantly updating your website with new content. This tells search engines that your website is alive and well and each blog post that is published has to be indexed, which gives you more of an opportunity of showing up in search engine results, thereby resulting in website traffic.

2. Convert website traffic into sales

Now that people know who you are and have noticed that your content is offering valuable insight to the world of logistics and your companies niche, it is time to start converting your website traffic into sales. At the end of each blog post, provide the reader with the push that they might need, to click over and get more information about your services. This is called a ‘call-to-action button’, and it is a great way to get the information of your potential customer and use it to generate sales.

People who have been reading your blog and have found value in your content, will consider you a professional in the field and are more likely to use your services over your competitor. Remember that you can tailor your content to establish yourself as a leader in the industry, adopting new innovations, and being experts in a wide variety of services to provide solutions to your potential customer.

Your sales team can also benefit from your blog if your content is tailored to share more about your company, its approach and about the services it offers.  Your sales team can use your blog’s archives as another selling tool in order to help educate your customer.  This helps put the sales team in a knowledgeable position while giving the customer the confidence that your company knows what you’re doing and how to do it.

3. Grow an online presence!

Having an active blog also helps you establish your online presence, as every time you write a blog post that gets people talking, you are giving them a resource to share with their friends and colleagues. Think of all the content that is shared just on your Facebook timeline daily. Now, you have the opportunity to be the one who’s content is being shared and discussed, putting your company in the spotlight and establishing an online presence, all while driving traffic to your website.

If you are struggling to understand the importance of a blog, for your business, comment below or get in touch! We’d love to guide you in exploring the world of business blogging and also offer content writing as part of our packages.