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Why small businesses should be using social media

Social media is no longer just a buzz word and with new businesses emerging as the forerunners of their industry, it’s easy to see why social media should be an essential part of your marketing plan. Admit it, you have probably noticed a lot of businesses in the same industry as yours, rocking at social media but have you thought about why you are not paying your own social media accounts the same attention?

Today, we’re sharing just why social media is so important to your business.

  1. Social media can drive traffic and sales
    Having a website is a great tool and asset to any company but the next question that pops up is how do you drive your customers to your website. Well-placed social media posts, promotions, and adverts can make all the difference as you have the ability to target the right audience and put your website in front of them, without being too pushy. By being strategic with your social media, you have the ability to drive traffic to your website which results in sales.
  1. Using social media consistently improves SEO
    Search engines like Google and Bing are constantly crawling the internet to rank websites. One of the contributing factors to a good ranking is having consistent traffic. A search engine can pick up whether your site is long forgotten or still regularly receiving traffic. By focusing on driving traffic to your optimized pages, you will be able to improve your rankings on search engine results pages much faster.
  1. Social media improves real customer relations
    Creating content that engages customers gives you the opportunity to build real relationships with your customers. Remember that we may forget the name of a company and we are likely to even forget what they said on social media last week, but we can never forget how a business made us feel. Take the time to personalize your interaction on social media and don’t be shy to show your personality too, be friendly and respectful while still reminding people that you are a human too, with a sense of humor.

Now that you have a better understanding as to why more businesses are choosing to use social media to promote their services, it’s up to you to start implementing your strategy. If you can’t find the time to learn how to use social media efficiently and don’t know how to go about creating engaging content, why not choose professionals to handle it for you – that’s what we’re here for!